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AMA awards FWCMC with Sound Testing Grant

posted Oct 5, 2013, 6:38 AM by Frank Scharibone
As part of the American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) initiative to encourage riders to manage sound levels,
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FWCMC applied for and received a grant of sound testing equipment.  FWCMC was highlighted in the July 2013 issue of American Motorcyclist magazine

The AMA's stance is not that everyone should have stock pipes, but riders should be aware of their environment as exercise good judgment. In other words, don't sit there and rev your engine at a stoplight in a residential neighborhood at 7am on a Sunday morning.

Details on our grant
Few other factors contribute more to misunderstanding and prejudice against the motorcycle community than excessively noisy motorcycles. As part of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) ongoing efforts to pursue, promote and protect the future of motorcycling, the AMA has awarded Florida West Coast Motorcycle Club (FWCMC) a grant to conduct sound measurement and noise management education.

We contacted local dealers to set up sound testing events. During our event, we will educate riders on:
  • The results of their sound test, and if the sound limits are within acceptable limits.
  • How to manage and prevent excessive noise in a way that respects all members of our community ability to enjoy a peaceful environment.
  • Availability of discounted aftermarket exhaust systems at your location that will improve performance without increasing sound to an offensive level.
grant letter
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